RF CRAZY LION Golden Age (Private Server)

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RF Crazy Lion JOIN NOW…!!!

Gabung Fans Page:
Grup FB Resmi dari Admin

Website —> http://rfcrazylion.tk/
GameCP —> http://rfcrazylion.tk/gamecp
Register —> http://rfcrazylion.tk/gamecp/?act=register

Patch Open Beta

Versi Golden Age
Server Semi PVP
Yang tidak membosankan karena tidak  mudah untuk menjadi dewa..!!

*Drop = 35x
*Exp = 350x
*Animus = 3500x

*Npc Cash Shop di masing2 bangsa
*All equilp rare B di NPC masing2 bangsa
*NPC gold point bisa di beli dengan gold point
*Player Normal Max Upgrade +6
*Donatur +7

List Drop :
*Young flem : ele medium, gli, beam, senjata return lv 1, senjata elven rental lv 25
*Wing : pelor grenade auncher 5k (wing acc only), legacy blade, talk jade, relief jade, gli, beam, pil recovery 100%
*Giant Baba : all talic
*Hoom Baba : tier 4
*Kur VC: tier 3
*Great Kur VC: boster 50
*PB Belpe : gold capsule +25
*PB Varas : gold capsule +10
*Narom Patrol OC : all excelsior piece
*PB Markas : gold capsule +5
*PB Elan : gold capsule +25
*Draco Besar Elan : box upgrader medium
penambahan drop dilakukan setelah diumumkan kepada player terlebih dahulu

Farm :
* lvl kecil farm di flem –> gli beam @250.000
* lvl gede farm di patrol narom OC drop excelsior piece @25 gold

Proccesor 6M Cache, 3.30 GHz I5
Memory 4 x 4 GB =16GB
HDD 2 x 500 GB
Bandwidth unlimited
Local Connection up to 100 Mbps
IX Down / Up Up to 2 Mbps / Up to 4 Mbps
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