RF Vibe (Private Server)

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Server Information

★Level Max 65
★Semua PT Skill dan Force GM
★Exp 400x
★animus Exp 1000x
★dropan 15x
★mining 20x
★Edited MAU
★Edited Isis

NPC Item
★Semua armor dan snjata Intense lvl 15-65 slot 6
★Burst Potion dan semua Potion Mall kecuali Dual OD
★Jade Exp
★Jade Level
★Charm & Generator
★Portal Ether + Belphegor
★Relic Level 55 slot 5
★Pot HP MP 5.000
★Donation Item at NPC Poin
★All Box type Large (Pada Patch 1.0b)
★Restoration Talic Available
★Excelsior C (Pada Patch 1.0b)

★Elemental High = Flem
★Snow gun Pieces = Draco BM
★Gold pig teasure + elemental Perfect = Elan + OC + BM Pitboss
★Gold Pig treasure = Narom
★LGS = Butterfly Ash (Pada Patch 1.0b)
★Tier 4 = TC sette (Pada Patch 1.0b)
★Siar Blidend = Anabola + Flem

Booty Prices
★Siar Blidend 59jt
★Gli Beam Rian 200jt
★Cremul tail 300jt


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  1. kaka main race ap??

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