Video: WoDotA Funny Time Vol. 25

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Hey guys! Funny time Vol 25 for this week. Very sorry for the delay of the videos recently due to the coming of WodotA’s Birthday!! There will be a big project coming up for u guys and PLS PLS stay tuned alright! Hope u guys enjoy it!


Rule for sending replay:
1. If you want to send your replays, send them in an email as attachments to (please notice that WoDotA changed the email address, this is different from the previous one, this is not a website so that you don’t need to know any Chinese to send your replays).
2. Please include the war3 version (be specific) and map version, a brief description of what happened at when (tell me the replay time at the right bottom but not the game time at the right top) in your email. [And include Your Country Name]
3. Don’t upload your replays to websites such as and tell me to download from there, otherwise your replays would be ignored.
4. Read FAQ in WoDotA channel description before you want to ask any quesitions.
Thank you :)


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